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Insecurity Revisited with Love…

This is a shorty.

I am just shoutin’ out to all those voices that scrape, scrape, scrape at my fragile, stupid, occasionally brilliant, mostly troubled jumble of bones and tissue wrapped around a little star of a soul… “Back off.” I am putting a big beefy arm of acceptance around my precariousness, over-sensitivity, and unrelenting fearfulness. To that voice that hisses about the need to do things right to be safe, I defy your tyranny. I proclaim myself beautiful,valuable, and safe, even if I am cluttered with bite-off-more-than-you-can-chew projects, egotism, splintery irritability, and a habit of talking way too much. To you and your Marlyesque chains that try to weigh down my minutes and hours with a cool flat critical voice, I say, “I will not listen.” I revisit these frail parts with a soft whisper and butterfly kisses. I will say things like,”You are lovely just as you are and you will know how to deal with life…as it comes.” I will say, “Expect a miracle.” I will revisit my insecurity with love.



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