About the writer

Sadness is a constant companion. Its voice is a whisper, not a shout…these days. Glimpses of beauty and a running current of synchronicity paradoxically are so ingrained that I never doubt their arrival at some point in the day. What you do need to know is this, that I, like most of the inhabitants of this planet have been terribly obedient to other people, doctrines, philosophies, and religion, more than I have ever been obedient to this higher being that I see weave sweetness and sanity into my daily life. This obedience has made me sad. It has made me miss moments of my life because under all this slavish behavior is the mother of all motivators–fear.

In these writings, I hope to shed the gaudy costuming which I have so willingly donned to cover my life because somewhere along the line, I learned that who I was and what I thought, were unacceptable.

I am challenging the zeitgeist that quietly, insistently informs my days…for I am very tired of being sad.


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